The Next Generation of Hunting Optics
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Hunting Binoculars

Unequaled Hunting Success

Hunters around the world have put their trust in Nikon binoculars to perform reliably. Providing excellent views, even in the most unfavorable conditions, Nikon binoculars are the benchmark by which all others are compared.
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Hunt-Proven Technology

Bright. Clear. Precise. Rugged. These are just a few of the attributes knowledgeable hunters commonly use to describe Nikon riflescopes. Nikon is determined to bring hunters, shooters and sportsmen a wide selection of the best hunting optics money can buy- while at the same time pushing the envelope to create revolutionary capabilities for the serious hunter.
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Riflescope Mounts

Engineered for a Perfect Fit

Developed with Nikon's growing series of AR riflescopes, these special mounts fit the Picatinny rails found on most flattop ARs. Engineered to the correct sighting height for most AR platform rifles, these mounts also allow access to the charging handle.
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Hunting Fieldscopes

A Lot of Power Goes a Long Way

Nikon offers a broad selection of the finest Fieldscopes and interchangeable eyepieces, all delivering the brilliant optical performance and rugged waterproof construction that hunters desire. Each of the award-winning models in these lines represents optical and mechanical technology directed towards one goal-to provide the finest high magnification image to the viewer's eye.
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Hunting Rangefinders

Consistency When It Matters

Knowing the exact range of your shot is key to effectively using BDC Reticles and Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. Nikon laser rangefinders offer precision, speed and consistency, along with waterproof and fogproof integrity, and are an essential tool for accurate long range shooting.
The Next Generation of Hunting Accessories