ACULON W10 8x21 Pink

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Product Details

Watch The Action Like Never Before!

Whether you’re watching a professional sports team or a grandson’s first at-bat, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as being at a live sporting event. And even though you’re present, taking in all the sights and sounds of the action, sometimes you want more.  With the ACULON W10 gives you just that – more action thanks to multilayer-coated lenses with 8x or 10x magnification.  Now, you’re more than just a spectator, you’re right there!


Stay On The Edge of Your Seat

Experience the magic of every play and every moment in greater detail.  Whether it’s close play at first or a diving touchdown, you’ll have the best view in the house thanks to the superior resolution of Nikon’s multilayer-coated glass lenses and 21mm objective lenses of the ACULON W10.

Smooth Handling Performance

The ACULON W10 offers not only a superior visual experience, it has the perfect size and construction for ease of use.  It comes with a mesh case that fits easily in a pocket or pack, or they can be worn around your neck using a convenient neck strap that is also included.  Thanks to a rubber grip, you’ll have no trouble hanging on to it in the heat of the moment.  And because it’s waterproof, you won’t have to worry if you get caught in unexpected inclement weather.

Adjustable Turn-and-Slide Eyecups

Finding the correct space between your eye and the lens is important, not only to focus the image but for comfortable viewing.  The ACULON W10 makes this extremely easy with the inclusion of turn-and-slide eyecups.  Not only are they intuitive to operate, they make it possible to use the binocular even for those wearing eyeglasses.

Magnify The Moment

Let’s face it, we don’t always get to be as close to the action as we’d like.  Thanks to the 8x magnification of the ACULON W10, you’ve got the best seat in the house.  The magnified image lets you experience far more than you can with just the naked eye.

Five Colors To Choose From!

Binoculars have never looked so cool! The ACULON W10 not only offers durable performance, but also blends it effortlessly with style. These compact binoculars are available with 8x magnification in white, yellow and pink, and with 10x magnification in black, white and camouflage.


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