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  • Includes a cable release
  • Includes light-shielding rubber sheet
  • Compatible with Nikon 1 cameras

Product Details

Connect to a Nikon 1 Camera for Amazing Close-up Images

Now you can connect your Nikon Fieldscope to a Nikon 1 digital camera to create incredible close-up images of birds, animals and other difficult-to-approach subjects. The result is easy super-telephoto shots, eliminating the need to purchase special interchangeable telephoto lenses. It's a convenient, affordable way to make dazzling super-telephoto digital images a vital part of your life.

Cable Release Prevents Camera Shake

The DSB-N1 bracket includes a cable release that is approximately 1.5 feet long that prevents camera shake when shooting. The cable release socket is attached to the bracket.

Nikon Digiscoping System

Enjoy the compatibility of Nikon’s advanced digiscoping system.  This diagram illustrates how you can easily connect your Nikon 1 camera with a Nikon Fieldscope and begin capturing extraordinary close-up images.

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