Coyote Special 4.5-14X40 Predator BDC Max-1 Camo

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  • BDC Predator Hunting reticle
  • Anti reflective device (ARD) lens piece 
  • 92% light transmission

Product Details

Nikon’s patent pending BDC Predator Hunting reticle: Utilizes ballistic circles with carefully researched spacing that is designed around the needs of predator hunters. Unique, open circle design doesn’t obscure target, making shots on a moving coyote simple.

Nikon multicoated lenses: Provide up to 92% light transmission and maximum brightness from dawn to dusk. 
Precise hand-turn 1/4 –MOA click adjustments: Easy-to-use positive click reticle adjustments get you zeroed in quicker and maintain your setting—even with heavy recoil.
Quick focus eyepiece: Allows the shooter to instantly bring the reticle into sharp focus.
Manufactured responsibly with lead- and arsenic-free Eco-Glass™
ARD (Anti Reflective Device) technology: Eliminates game spooking glare.
Bill Jordan’s Advantage MAX-1 HD® camouflage: This highly effective open-terrain pattern offers true performance in a variety of open settings across the country. Now you can become “1” with the landscape!
Generous eye relief: For easy sighting in difficult shooting positions.
Waterproof/fogproof: Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed.

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