Field Recon Pack Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo

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  • Quality, water resistant construction
  • Silent brushed fabric, silent zippers
  • Mossy Oak Camo

Product Details

Engineered by Nikon and BLACKHAWK!® Products Group, this pack organizes, protects and safely transports all vital optics and gear in the field.
BLACKHAWK’S patented S.T.R.I.K.E.® system: Allows for optics-specific pouches and organizer to be attached as desired for the ultimate in customization.
HawkTex™ Shoulder Straps: Non-slip straps keep over-the-shoulder slings in place.
Silent brushed fabric with double stitching throughout
Silent zippers on compartments
Featuring an all-new, computer-enhanced realistic bark background, the Break-Up design features soft, grey oak limbs and deep ghost shadows for further 3-D illusion.
1,950 cubic inches of interior space: With multiple compartments for optics care and accessibility.
Quality, water resistant construction
Padded Spotting Scope/Digiscope sleeve inside pack
Exterior bungee system

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