Bright. Clear. Precise. Rugged. These are just a few of the attributes knowledgeable hunters commonly use to describe Nikon riflescopes. Nikon is determined to bring hunters, shooters and sportsmen a wide selection of the best hunting optics money can buy- while at the same time pushing the envelope to create revolutionary capabilities for the serious hunter.
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BLACK Riflescopes

Nikon BLACK riflescope series represents a new category of dedicated optics with models engineered for both precision long-range rifle and the action-gun AR enthusiasts. For the precision rifle shooter, BLACK X1000 models feature MRAD or MOA reticles while AR/MSR shooters can take advantage of rapid-action, close-to-intermediate-range targeting capability of the BLACK FORCE1000 riflescope and SPEEDFORCE reticle.
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MONARCH Riflescopes

Nikon designed the MONARCH around an optical system created to give shooters increased versatility and superlative performance with virtually any type of rifle, in any caliber and in any imaginable hunting situation.
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PROSTAFF Riflescopes

Tested and proven in the field by Nikon PROSTAFF members, these riflescopes will help you bring home the big bucks without spending them. Whether you hunt with a rifle, shotgun or rimfire, you can rest easy knowing that Nikon will never cut corners on: optics, ruggedness or precision.
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Nikon’s BUCKMASTERS II riflescope line is optimized for those who are passionate about hunting deer. These riflescopes utilize Nikon’s BDC reticle for bullet drop compensation at longer ranges and are built with Nikon’s Fully Multilayer Coated lenses to provide optimal viewing during low light situations when deer are most active.

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AR Riflescopes

Nikon has a full range of AR riflescopes engineered to accommodate virtually any AR platform rifle. Every one is optimized for Spot On Ballistic Match Technology, enabling exact precision with virtually any caliber or load.
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Rimfire Riflescopes

Nikon's Rimfire riflescopes provide a new level of performance for fans of the venerable .22 long rifle cartridge.
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Muzzleloader Riflescopes

These dedicated muzzleloader riflescopes help shooters realize the full potential of their muzzleloaders. The patented BDC 300 reticle allows muzzleloader hunters to confidently shoot out to 300 yards.
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Handgun Riflescopes

Designed with ultra-rugged recoil-proof construction, an ideal power range and Nikon's legendary optics, Nikon's handgun riflescopes will satisfy all the needs of the most demanding handgun hunters, varminters and competitors.
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Varmint/Predator Riflescopes

Thanks to Nikon, predator hunters and varmint hunters now have a choice of riflescopes built specifically for their unique needs.
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SlugHunter/Shotgun Hunter

Engineered to extend your ethical hunting range beyond anything you thought possible, the SlugHunter BDC 200 riflescope features Nikon’s advanced ballistic reticle technology for accurate shots out to 200 yards.
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Crossbow Scopes

Nikon crossbow scopes not only provide Nikon’s trademark brightness and clarity, but a huge field of view, quick focus eyepiece and a BDC (Bolt Drop Compensating) reticle that puts long range capability into the hands of the horizontal bowhunter!
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Riflescope Mounts

Developed with Nikon's growing series of AR riflescopes, these special mounts fit the Picatinny rails found on most flattop ARs. Engineered to the correct sighting height for most AR platform rifles, these mounts also allow access to the charging handle.
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Spot On

Ballistic Match Technology

Unlock Your Firearm’s Accuracy Potential!

Match your riflescope and reticle to virtually any ammunition. All you need is a rifle, a Nikon riflescope and a rangefinder—Spot On does all the work for you—showing you all the shot possibilities before you pull the trigger! With an expansive database Spot On provides you with the precise aiming points at your specified range for any Nikon BDC reticle riflescope and instant reference for sighting in other Nikon riflescopes with plex, mildot or standard crosshair reticles.

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Mobile App

Spot On is now available for the iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ platforms. Download the app for FREE and ensure that the world's hottest ballistics calculator is there when you need it.

Spot On Ballistic Wind Meter

Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Wind Meter plugs directly into the headphone port found on almost all smart phones. The Spot On Wind Meter takes an accurate reading of the wind speed and direction and inputs the data directly into the Spot On Ballistic Match Technology application that every serious hunter and shooter should have on their smart phone. Now, the Spot On app not only provides the precise aiming point on your reticle to compensate for distance, but thanks to the new Spot On Wind Meter, you can also compensate for wind drift.
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Order Custom Turrets

A majority of Nikon riflescopes are compatible with Nikon's Spot On Custom Turret Technology–offering the option for shooters to use the elevation turret to compensate for bullet drop and make accurate long-range shots holding dead-on the crosshair. Each Spot On Custom Turret is personalized for an individual shooter based on ballistic information he or she enters on the online ordering page on NikonSportOptics.com. Select your ammunition, riflescope, typical atmospheric conditions and much more to create your own uniquely calibrated turret that is sent to you for easy installation.
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